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We're licensed in Clark County, Henderson, and the State of Nevada. We're Insured and a member of Pet Sitters Association.

Nala's Pet Sitters is an in home pet sitting and house sitting service that has been serving the Las Vegas Valley since 2001.

We also offer dog and cat grooming, our experience exceeds most salons. We strive to make your pet feel calm and relaxed from start to finish. Nala's is also the proud owner of Vegas Cat House, which is a one of a kind interactive cat hotel!

Vegas Cat House.com is a cage free environment for the social cat in your life, we pride ourselves with it's interactive environment especially designed for your cat(s). We have a beautiful 55 gallon fish tank that provides hours of entertainment, it is close to the ground, "cat level" for your kitties to watch.

We have the first of its kind organically grown "cat nip and wheat grass bar", providing fresh digestible greens including fresh wheat grass. Just outside of our three enormous windows are multiple bird feeders for your favorite cat to watch as they lazily nap on several of our extra large cat trees just basking in the sun.

If your favorite feline would prefer his/her own "space" and is most happy being the only cat, we have options for this as well. Does your cat need medicine or special care? We can administer it's medication we ease and comfort. For more information, please visit our website at, vegascathouse.com

It's our goal is to make your pets feel like you haven't left home and strive to keep them safe and happy and your home clean and secure. Each visit, we spend quality time with each pet and provide activities for them that you've noted they enjoy doing.
For example: Playing in the hose, swimming in your pool, walks, fetch, brushing, massages, and lots of love. Sometimes, even a bath, ear clean, and nail trim!

We understand the love and concern you have for your pets and if requested we will update you on their well being while you
are away.Because with Nala's Pet Sitters, we're your pet's next best choice to you being there.


Specializing in senior and disabled pets, we are trained and qualified to administer medicines, including insulin and allergy shots.

In addition, we also offer training tips, which have been time tested over and over again. We feel that a trained pet is a happy pet and importantly a happy owner. So feel free to ask for tips or discuss behavioral matters with us.

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