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Solid Gold
Since 1974, Solid Gold has offered a premium line of pet food, supplements and shampoos.Solid Gold foods are free of all chemical preservatives such as BHA, BHT and Ethoxyquin.


Halo Pets
Healthy homemade food for dogs with only all-natural USDA-approved ingredients for people.


sWheat Scoop
The science is simple, we use wheat enzymes and starches to enhance clumping and make smelly pet odors virtually disappear. Our ingredients are biodegradable. Farmer-owned and farmer-grown, we know what makes sWheat Scoop Mother Nature’s cat litter.


It's true. Mealtime is more than just a bowl of food. It's the foundation to a longer and healthier life, together. That's why we craft delicious recipes that use simple, natural ingredients—without any fluff or fillers.


Modesto Milling
We take pride in the fact that our customers regularly tell us how Modesto Milling feeds increased their animals and birds’ health, feather & fur condition, production and activity level. We make changes to formulas based upon our customer comments and needs. Customers regularly have custom formulated feed mixes for their individual feed needs.


Nature’s Variety
We’re a privately-held, natural pet food company located in the Midwest. Our purpose – the reason behind everything we do – is to empower people to transform the lives of pets. And to lead a movement toward better pet health.


Evanger's Dog and Cat Food Company
Since 1935, Evanger's Dog & Cat Food Company has been the finest natural pet food company in the United States. Their products have no preservatives or added salt and has had a strong following among breeders and veterinarians for over 50 years.


Plato Pet Treats
Plato Pet Treats are made with only the freshest organic meat and come in the following flavors; chicken, salmon, duck, and kangaroo. They use only organic, natural, and premium ingredients to make a tasty treat that is a healthy and safe reward for your dog.


Arm and Hammer
Tough on odor. Full of confidence.


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